On Jehovah’s Witnesses, St. Patrick Said This Prayer Before Converting Pagan King, And More!

The Best In Catholic Blogging

On Jehovah’s Witnesses – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity +1

St. Patrick Said This Prayer Before He Converted the Pagan Irish King – Billy Ryan at uCatholic +1

The Only Thing That Matters in the Abortion Debate – J.P. Nunez at Catholic Stand

St. Elizabeth Of The Trinity, Surrender, & Anxiety – Jordan Burke at Catholic Spiritual Direction

Plugged-In – Fr. Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today 40 “Prelent” – Fr. John Hunwicke at Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

The Works of Mercy in Prison: What You Did for My Least Brethren – Rob Marco at Catholic Stand

A Watershed This Week? – Robert Royal, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing

Was Jesus Confused about Who He Was? – Connecticut Catholic Corner

Interview with Bishop Sorondo of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, It Isn’t Pretty – Fr. Z’s Blog

The Rainbow Shakedown – Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine

Exploring the Role of Mercy in The Walking Dead – Menny Thoughts at Convert’s Quest

Rape in Xinjiang Camps: The Tibetan Precedent; Are Christians Next? – Massimo Introvigne at Bitter Winter

No Mention of Priestly Celibacy in Amazon Synod Exhortation – Christopher R. Altieri at Catholic Herald

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