Obama Receives Red Envelopes

(photo: Red Envelope Project)

A grassroots initiative to express moral outrage over President Obama’s administration’s promotion of abortion is garnering much Internet attention.

Just as American revolutionaries used tea to protest the action’s of the British government, those concerned with life are utilizing the power of red envelopes to protest abortion.

Supporters have been encouraged to send an empty red envelope to President Obama, symbolizing a single child who died because of abortion.

On the back of each envelope, is a handwritten message that reads: “This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.”

Word has it that Christ (rhymes with wrist) Otto is the creator of the Red Envelope Project.

“I have been involved in the pro-life movement for nearly 20 years, and it pained my heart to see a man (Obama) and a political party committed to the shedding of innocent blood,” says the email that’s been circulating on the project. “This man, and this party lead our country, but they do not represent me or the 54% of Americans who believe that abortion is wrong and should no longer be legal.”

The writer says that he came up with the idea while praying.

“As I was praying, I believe that God gave me an interesting idea. Out in the garage I have a box of red envelopes. Like the powerful image of the red LIFE tape, an empty red envelope will send a message to Barack Obama that there is moral outrage in this country over this issue. It will be quiet, but clear.”

There are a couple of sister web sites as well. According to one of them, RedEnvelopeProject.org, which is keeping track for those who enter the number of envelopes sent, more than 34,700 have been mailed to the White House so far. The campaign’s goal - 50 million - equals the total number of children who have died as a result of surgical abortion in this country since it’s legalization.