My New Catholic TV Show: “Professors on Break”

“I love it when a plan comes together!”

(photo: ChristendomTube)

With the help of lots of talented people, I’m happy to announce the completion of a new online show called “Professors on Break.” The entire series is included below.

To briefly introduce the concept of this little show, I’d like to tell you a story.

My son Demetrius has been diagnosed with a learning disability which makes academic pursuits difficult; nevertheless, a few years ago, he began attending Christendom College. About six weeks into his first semester, Demetrius came home one afternoon after class and I asked him how college was going.     

I expected Demetrius to say, “Dad, it’s really tough. I’m already late on my English paper, I’m struggling to understand philosophy class, and I’m behind on the readings for History.” All of that would have been true. But that’s not what he said. Instead, Demetrius gave me an answer that I’ll never forget. He said, “Dad, I always knew God loved me, but after going to Christendom for the past few weeks, I’m really beginning to understand how much God loves me.”

Let me assure you, those are the sweetest words a Catholic parent can hear about how his child is doing in college.

But the more I thought about that fact, the more I began lamenting that so many people—even Catholics—have a negative impression of the Catholic Faith. They’ve never had that powerful “God loves me” realization that Demetrius was having at Christendom. And so, an idea came to me, via a little help from another show that someone had recently told me about: Why not bring Christendom, or at least a little part of it, to them? Why not interview Christendom professors and let people hear what they have to say? And what if we conducted our conversations in really cool cars?

Thus, a show was born. And here it is.           

Oh, and one more thing. Demetrius will be graduating from Christendom College next May with a degree in English Literature. As one of his fictional heroes likes to put it, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

Please enjoy the show.






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