MTV's Abortion Special Forgot One Little Thing

If abortion is a completely legitimate and moral decision why not televise it? I know it’s a shocking suggestion but I think dragging abortion out of the media imposed darkness is essential to the pro-life cause. So many of the gains made by the pro-life cause have been due to advances in technology in ultrasound and people seeing the unborn with their own eyes. But last night MTV aired their VERY IMPORTANT SPECIAL on abortion. Now, silly me, I actually had some hope that something good might come out of it. I was wrong.

The show “16 and Pregnant” on MTV actually does a good job of showing the real life ups and downs of being a young Mom. In fact, last year a number of feminists were upset that the show had some girls who accepted the baby and one couple who gave up their baby for adoption but nobody on the show opted for abortion. Why not abortion, they asked. So MTV aired a special on abortion where some young girls opted for abortion. But the REALLY BIG SHOW ABOUT ABORTION actually skipped over one kind of essential part -THE ABORTION. Now, even though the show often shows births they didn’t show the actual abortion. They didn’t even come close. One minute the young girl is talking about her options and the next she’s announcing that she’d had the abortion. Can you imagine a show about becoming a mother skipping over the actual birth or the whole trip to the hospital? So why skip the abortion? If it’s not a person in the womb, just a potential person, why not show it? Because then, the abortion industry couldn’t get away with their lies. And they do lie.

LifeNews’ Laura Echevarria writes:

What I found particularly troubling was that at six weeks of pregnancy, abortion clinic staff told her not to think of the baby as having “ten fingers, ten toes, a forehead” etc. Staff told her to think of the baby as a “clump of cells”—it would be less upsetting that way.

Developmentally, a young woman six weeks pregnant is carrying a four-week old baby that has a heartbeat. It’s disingenuous for clinic staff to call it a “clump of cells”—we’re not talking about removing a mole or taking a biopsy.

As awful and heartbreaking as it would be, wouldn’t televising an abortion put an end to all the lies?

Pro-aborts argue that abortion and birth can both be loving and maternal choices. They say that ending a pregnancy stops a “potential person” from becoming an actual person. So why can’t it be televised?

In fact, pro-lifers who dare to hold up graphic displays of the effects of abortion are shouted down as sick and twisted, even by people who work at abortion clinics. But women who tweet about their abortions are lionized as feminist heroes.

If MTV had any real guts their show about abortion would actually include the abortion instead of glossing over it as one of many equally legitimate options. What are they afraid of?

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