Men Don't Have Babies, No Matter What USA Today Thinks

The Catholic Church has always maintained that sexual identity is God-given — male and female.

“The Creation of Eve”, attributed to Raphael Coxie (c. 1540-1616)
“The Creation of Eve”, attributed to Raphael Coxie (c. 1540-1616) (photo: Public Domain)

When a person born with female reproduction organs gets pregnant, that is not news.  Not even if she takes hormones and grows a beard and shops in the men’s department.  Her XX chromosomes not only mean that she’s a woman, but also that she might get pregnant.

A man and a man together cannot ever, ever in a hundred million eternities bring new life into existence.  Two sperms don’t do it.  You need one sperm and one egg—a man and a woman. It’s part of God’s law for creation.

Yet, for some objectively-disabled reporters who think wrapping paper can change what’s inside a box, they are reporting on men supposedly getting pregnant.  The first time was when Thomas Beatie made headlines in 2008 as the world's first pregnant man.  But Beatie was born a girl.  Taking hormone shots didn’t make her a man; it just made her resemble one.

She kept her reproductive organs and married a woman and through in vitro fertilization (because Beatie needed a real male) they had three children.   The marriage fell apart, but Beatie remarried this past spring to a preschool director where the kids went to school.  So the fantasy continues, and so does the delusion among the fact-optional crowd.

In Time magazine’s September issue, there is a feature-length story that a man just had a baby.  Although testosterone therapy has given Evan Hempel a receding hairline and full a beard, she was born female and kept her reproductive organs.  This past spring, Hempel had a baby—just like women throughout the history of civilization have done.  

Last year, USA Today reported that Kayden Coleman had a surprise pregnancy a decade after the biological female switched to male hormone status.  Coleman’s biologically male (but gay) husband claimed they were shocked over the pregnancy.  Since Coleman kept the essential female parts, someone should clue them and USA Today that it is just basic biology.

Gender is an empirical fact at the core of true reproduction. Men don’t get pregnant, not even if you read it in Time or USA Today.  It is no more remarkable than if a woman dresses up like a clown and even has a big red nose transplant, gets pregnant and the media reports that a clown just got pregnant.  Big deal, right?  The clown is obviously a woman. Just as Beatie, Hempel, and Coleman are.   Men having babies is pathology, not news.  The media and our culture are sick.

The Science

These women playing men may enjoy the media attention, but psychiatrist

Dr. Paul McHugh, former chief at John's Hopkins University, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that sex-reassignment surgery is not a solution. He explained that transgenderism is a “mental disorder,” much like if a 90-pound anorexic feels obese. “Claiming that this is a civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality, to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder,” Dr. McHugh wrote.

John Hopkins, which pioneered sex reassignment surgery in the 1960s, stopped doing it when follow-up revealed that subsequent psychosocial adjustment was no better than those who didn't have the surgery.  A 2011 long-term study (up to 30 years) at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden revealed that beginning about 10 years after having the surgery, the transgendered began experiencing increasing mental difficulties, and their suicide mortality rose almost twenty-fold above the rest of the population.   

Popes Francis and Benedict XVI on Gender Identity

Pope Francis has stated that contemporary gender theory denies the order of creation.  Vatican Radio reported last year that he rejected the idea that gender identities exist along a spectrum. “The differences between men and women must be recognized and valued,” Pope Francis said, speaking to bishops from Puerto Rico.

In an interview published in the book, Pope Francis: This Economy Kills, by Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazzi, Pope Francis explained that the Catholic Church has always maintained, that sexual identity is God-given—male and female.

In 2008, Pope Benedict directly addressed the transgender issue by warning against “destroying the very essence of the human creature through manipulating their God-given gender to suit their sexual choices.” 

Anyone with eyes to see and a functioning brain should flock to the Catholic Church with its unflappable teachings.  The media has helped spread insanity and immorality by reporting the defilement of God’s creation as something new and exciting.  It’s neither.  In reality, any shred of the truth and morality in secular media is what is newsworthy now.