Mayor Nutter Attempts to Hijack Papal Appearance to Tout LGBT Rights

In a disturbing turn of events, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a graduate of a Jesuit high school, reportedly used the appearance of Pope Francis in Philadelphia to push the gay agenda.

Nutter had previously promised to ask the pope to "end judgment" of LGBT people by the church and then today, the mayor used his public appearance before hundreds of thousands of Catholics who gathered to see the pope to do just that.

Speaking at Independence Hall before the pope, the mayor said "In America, everyone has rights...Our lesbian, gay and bisexual citizens continue to fight for equality."

"Keep fighting for your rights," he added. "It's a collective fight. And there are many others fighting with you."

Nutter has often touted his Catholic education despite being pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage. And earlier this year, Saint Joseph’s University honored Nutter with an honorary degree despite Nutter officiating a ceremony granting marriage rights to a same-sex couple and being pro-abortion.