Lord, Save Us From Liturgists

There are certain phrases that conjure up images so frightful one shudders at the mere mention. Swarm of killer bees. School of piranha. National Meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions. Brrrrrrr.

Going on right now members of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions from around the country are meeting in Portland Oregon. Now I am sure that some of the members of these liturgical commissions are very fine people. Call me jaded, but when all these good people get together. Bad things, man. Bad things.

Case in point. They kicked off this meeting by taking a bus over to St. Andrews Church for evening prayer. Seems like a good idea, but ... Here are some photos from St. Andrew’s website.

That bodes well for the liturgy, right? I am sure the choice of this church was completely accidental. Oh, that last picture from the website boasts “The St. Andrew contingent at the Portland Gay Pride Parade.” Accidental, I am sure.

Anyway, with all the changes occurring literally over the coming weeks, I am sure it is a good idea for all these liturgists to get together to make sure the transition to the new translation goes as smoothly as possible. That is why the schedule is laden with relevant topics.

9:05 am
First Presentation: Kateri Mitchell, SSA
Liturgy and Native American Spirituality & Culture: State of the Question from the Native American Perspective

10:05 am
Panel Response and Questions

11:00 am
Second Presentation: Ricky Manalo, CSP
Liturgy and Asian Pacific Spirituality and Culture: State of the Question from an Academic Perspective

2:00 pm
Third Presentation: Alan Deck, SJ
Liturgy and Hispanic Spirituality and Culture:
State of the Question from the U.S. Bishops’ Perspective

4:00 pm
Fourth Presentation: Eva Marie Lumas, SSS
Liturgy & African American Spirituality:
State of the Question from a Pastoral Ministry Perspective

Oh….never mind.

I am sure they would have fit in the lecture “Liturgy: State of the Question from God’s perspective.” if only they had the time, but they had a wine tasting to get to.

My closing prayer.

Lord, save us from the liturgists.