Live Blogging Tonight's Debate

So that does it.  Hopefully Ryan will tackle the "Catholic" issues head on.  Thanks for reading!!!

Romney in closing. This election is about the course of America.  That is very true.

I am very disappoint that the anti-Catholic mandate did not come up. Romney had his oppoprtunity but didn't take it.  Very frustrating.

Obama bragging about his bpartisanship uses "Son't ask don't tell repeal." Worst. Example. Ever.

Romney says "when I am elected" not if.

I think we can all agree that Jim Lehrer lost the debate.

Romney; If you were so concerned about teachers, why spend $90bn on Green jobs. That could have hired 2 million teachers.

I don't pretend to be unbiased, but I truly don't understand the President half the time.

Obama: Feds have a significant role in education.  NO TAX CUTS.  Oy.

Romney: There is a federal role in education.  But they should have choice.

Romney: Feds should protect life and liberty, and religious tolerance. Be specific! Say it!!

Obama: Feds means more teachers?

As always, Obama suggests that its either all or nothing.  If you don't want more gov't, you want NO gov't.  This is disingnuous at best.

Now the role of the Federal gov't.

Obama won't look at Romney.  Seems discouteous.

I really want an HHS mandate question. We better get one,

Is it me or does Obama stutter alot.  A lot.

Romney- The answer is not gov't, the private market works best.

Romney- Unelected board will decide your treatment.  Gov't never reduces costs. Never.

Death Panels are about best practices.

Obama: This is the same as your plan in Massachussetts.

Romney: you forced Obamacare on us. We don't want it.

The President still trying to sell Obamacare--3 years later.

Government forcing us to buy something is a moral issue-- frustrated that this is ignored. This is about liberty.

Romney: Obamacare drives up cost. -- Cuts Medicare - Death Panels -- Small business less likely to hire.  What about the morality of it Governor?

Obamacare time!!

Romney: Dodd-Frank very flawed.

Obama: Not enough regulation.

Romney- some regulation necessary but not excessive.

President says nothing wrong with profit.  Not sure I believe him.

Romney says his MC plan offers choice but the Prez does not.

The private insurance system the Prez disparages is the same one that most people rely on now.

Obama: Romney would change MC and SS into a voucher program.  But the President discounts the impact of competition.

I don't get it.  Obama just walked into this?

Crazy: Obama is using medicare as an example of how to save SS?

Obama: Social Security is structurally sound.  In fairness, he did smoke a lot of weed when he was young.

Romney: States know how to better care for the poor than the Feds. Subsidiarity anyone?

Romney: You don't pick winners and losers in Green energy, you pick losers.

Obama wants to balance the budget by taxing corporations and jet owners.  Even if it is moral, is it effective?

Romney 'You will never balance the budget by taxing"

Romney mentioned that Obama has been President for 4 years.  He looked surpised.

Mr. President. there is a difference between revenue and taxes.

Takeaway "Romney wants to kill Big Bird!"

Obama refers to the deficit he inherited. Fair enough. What about the other years?

Is this program worth borrowing money from China.  Excellent question. Obamacare and PBS would be axed.

Romney correctly identifies the deficit as a moral issue. That cannot be said enough!

Speaking of unemployment, Jim Lehrer should be one of them as a moderator so far.

Nice to see that the President is concerned about blowing up the deficit.

I think Romney is gonna change his name to Willy Wonky.

Somebody is lying about his tax plan, you figure out who.

Gotta admit, that Romney fella has good hair.

Romney politley called Obama a liar but Obama persists in his characterization.

It seems that Romney is using Obama-ish language to refer to his policies. Although he says middle income instead of middle class.  Sounds less Marxist I suppose.

Romney looking at Obama but referring to him in the abstract. Kinda weird.

President Obama is talking about which industries should get tax breaks.  Question: Is this the proper role of government?

Gov Romney. Trickle down government doesn't work.

Gov. Romney is personalizing the jobs issue then says we need a new plan. Energy, independence, trade, education, balanced budget, and encourage small business. Says he knows what it takes.

The President talks about energy,, teachers, and "investing" in infrastructure. Not sure how that is any different.

Happy anniversary. How about those jobs?

Domestic issues should include economy, Obamacare and abortion-- key subjects for Catholics and everyone.

8:57 PM - Here we go!!

8:41 PM 20 minutes to go.  Stay tuned....

I will be Live Blogging the first Presidential Debate tonight here at the National Catholic Register.  I will provide you with my real time take on the discussion as it pertains to topics of interest to Catholics.  The Reg has graciously allowed me to do this tonight probably because they are looking for an excuse to fire me and this is the most likely way for me to give them one.

Anyway, check back here tonight for one Catholic's perspective on tonight's debate.  This should be fun.  I have included an old debate moment to hold you over until tonight. 

I am sure the Death Panels will make sure that we never have another moment like that one.