Kill All The Babies Before It Is Too Late

Close it up folks.  Our culture is over. There is nothing left to save.

A Palm Beach jury has awarded a couple $4.5 million dollars because medical professionals did not alert them soon enough that they needed a hitman in surgical scrubs to kill their child before it was too late.

Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana would have much preferred to kill their son had they known in advance that he was not perfect. For this inconvenience, a jury of six (who clearly themselves should not have been allowed to be born either for obvious mental deficiency) awarded Ana and Rodolfo Mengele gobs of dough.

Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spare the child, face the rod.

Juror Rebecca Long said the jury wanted to send a message that the care Mejia received was unacceptable. Message received. If you are a medical professional and are aware that a child will not have a productive modeling career, you must grab the saline and the Hoover ASAP or face the consequences.

I shudder to think of the lawsuits that will abound when they can successfully diagnose male pattern baldness prenatally. Actually, since baldness runs in the family, my Mother’s OB/GYN should have known. He will be hearing from my lawyer, just as soon as he gets done suing my grandfather’s estate for my crow’s feet.

Actually, since our culture is obviously so far gone, we should abort all babies lest they sue us one day for being born into a world populated by monsters.