It's Open Season on Abortion Laws

In the past decade there has been great progress in protecting the unborn at the state level. The U.S. Supreme Court just did everything they could to stop that.

Five Supreme Court legislators (which let's face it, that's what they are) just called open season on abortion laws. "Go get 'em" is their message.

The court ruled that the Texas law which called for better safety standards for abortion clinics somehow endangers women. 'Cause that makes sense, right? It's always a puzzle to me how some can believe that regulating the energy industry protects the environment while regulating the abortion industry hurts women. I just don't get it.

But what's most distressing is that the court opted for un-clear language to do so. The court called the regulations an "undue burden." It's sort of a nebulous phrase that's been around for decades in abortion jurisprudence. It's greatest value is that it can really mean anything to anyone.

So now, every safety standard on abortion clinics and every legal limit on abortion can possibly be considered an "undue burden" and overturned. That's the clear message from the court. And don't think the abortion industry isn't listening. They are. The lawyers have been unleashed and are out there now filing lawsuits against any state or local law that might stand in the way of abortion profits.

You saw the celebration of pro-abortion people on some of the news programs, I'm sure. They knew how important this decision was. This wasn't just a defeat for Texas. This was a very dark day in America. This decision by the high court will make the jobs of pro-lifers much harder. It makes women less safe and the puts the unborn in ever growing danger.