In Honor of it Being Christmas Eve

I post what was, for nearly the first two decades of my life, the sole (but essential) connection I had to gospel:

Thank you, Charles Schulz, for having the moxie to stand up to the network suits and insist that this scene remain in the show.  For nearly 50 years, it has stood as witness to the actual meaning of Christmas into the midst of the mad and ungodly hubbub of Mammon and tinsel that is Xmas.  It stuck with me through a thoroughly pagan youth and was an essential component of Christmas even when I couldn't tell you why it was so important to me.  If we ever fetch up at the Pearly Gates together, Sparky, I'm gonna shake your hand, say thank you and, if need be, put in a good word for you with the Almighty for your bit in evangelizing me.