If Science Discovered the "Catholic Gene?"

Would Catholics be better off in America today if scientists discovered a “Catholic gene?” Sadly, I think we would. Sadly, I think our culture promotes and celebrates victimhood and punishes morality. Sadly, I think the discovery of a papal mitre in our double helix could be a legal benefit to Catholics.

Rather than just a life-style choice that’s so un-21st century, Catholics could warrant legal protection similar to the laws that prohibit racial or gender discrimination. In the past if a Catholic pharmacist refused to sell an abortifacient contraceptive the Catholic pharmacist could lose their job.  But if Catholicism was discovered to be a genetic defect some of the secular new age compassionistas might be forced to become open minded about our perceived narrow-mindedness. (And that would be fun to see.)

Oh the pretzel twisting gymnastics of feigned compassion we’d witness.

Remember, a few years ago a lesbian couple sued a wedding photographer over the Christian’s unwillingness to take pictures at their wedding. The lesbians won. But if Catholicism were a genetic issue, perhaps the rights of genetically programmed homosexuals wouldn’t trump the rights of genetically disposed Catholics? Who knows? We could argue we’re victims too.

And a few years ago New York City created the “Harvey Milk” school for homosexual, transgender or “curious” students. If Catholicism were deemed to be genetic would the public school system establish a “Catholic” school for young Catholics or “curious” Catechists? The John Paul II public school maybe?

Would prayer be allowed in school?

Would it become illegal for atheist or anti-Catholic adults to abort babies because they discovered the unborn baby had the dreaded “Catholic gene?”

Would it be illegal to prohibit our free speech around abortion clinics because we could argue that from the moment of conception we are genetically designed to protect life?

In short, if people just realized that us Catholics couldn’t help being so narrow minded about love, fidelity and protecting life maybe they wouldn’t despise us the way they do.

While I choose to believe we are made to love, being Catholic, however, is not genetic. We all have free will. Catholics choose to believe that God is love. Catholics choose to believe that we should love our fellow man as we love ourselves. Catholics choose to believe life is sacred. And because Catholics choose to believe in such radical beliefs Catholics can therefore be discriminated against by those deemed powerless to choose.