Hollywood Writer David Greenwalt And His Conversion To Catholicism, Bring Back Altar Rails and More!

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Hollywood Writer David Greenwalt Discusses His Conversion To Catholicism – Word on Fire +1

Why Bringing Back Traditional Altar Rails Totally Makes Sense, According to this Catholic Priest – ChurchPOP +1

Against The Dictatorship Of Church Ladies – Auguste Meyrat at Crisis Magazine

It Is Time To Unite The Clans – Fr. Z’s Blog

Alleged Eucharistic Miracle in Paraguay: Host Becomes Rose Petals (Photos & Video Inside) – ChurchPOP

Daniel Mitsui & Gardiner-Hall Collaboration on Altar Rugs for Basilica of Kentucky – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

The Franciscan Spring – David Torkington at Catholic Stand

Early Attachment Is Vital To Happiness – Patrick F. Fagan at Mercatornet

The Ecclesiology of the Early Church – David A. Tamisiea, Ph.D., J.D., at Catholic East Texas

St. Mary of Jesus Crucified: A Beacon Of Holiness In The Arab World – Fr. Seán Connolly at The Catholic World Report

Matias & Mariana Wanted To Adopt 2 Kids & Ended Up With 5 – Cecilia Zinicola at Aleteia

In Defense Of ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ – Trent Horn at Catholic Answers Magazine

What Is The Liturgical Year & Where Did It Come From? – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Why Sports?  Why Not?  A Soccer Nut [Re]Considers His Fandom – Damien Murtagh at Those Catholic Men

Prayerfully Pondering Like Mary: Giving God Time – Suellen Brewster at Catholic Stand

Pope Francis Greets an Autistic Girl – Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, L.C., at Through Catholic Lenses

Communist China: Patients Forced to Divulge Their Faith Before Getting Medical Care – Bitter Winter

Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria—Too General & Too Much Harm – Walt Heyer at Public Discourse

First They Came For George Cardinal Pell. . . – Tim Stanley at Catholic Herald

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