Her Mom Called the Cops When She Became a Nun, How Do We Know What Pontius Pilate Said, and More Great Links!

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Police Car Photo
Police Car Photo (photo: Tito Edwards / Diego Fabian Parra Pabon from Pixabay / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Mom Called Cops When She became a Nun; Now Her Work is Nationally Known – Gelsomino Del Guercio Aleteia

How Do We Know What Pontius Pilate Said? – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith

The Steps for Becoming a Catholic Priest, What You Need to Know – Jacqueline Burkepile at ChurchPOP

Postmodernism Was Dead on Arrival – What’s Next? – Jerome German at Catholic Stand

How to Prepare for Heaven – Father Nnamdi Moneme, O.M.V., at Catholic Exchange

National Eucharistic Preachers Chosen to Spread Message of Christ’s Real Presence – Joseph R. LaPlante at Our Sunday Visitor

Notes about the Nature of Things – Father Nathaniel Dreyer at Catholic Stand

Three Pitfalls Catholics Should Avoid When Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski at CatholicFundraiser.net

Serving: A Blessing and a Virtue – Jonathon Fessenden at Missio Dei

Enemies of God and Man – David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts

A Surprising Denunciation of the Novus Ordo from Archbishop Roche – Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

Newly Ordained Priests and Permission to Offer the Latin Mass – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at One Peter 5

Reply to Gavin Ashenden: The Evangelising Power of the Latin Mass – Joseph Shaw, J.D., at The Chairman’s Blog

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