Have a Confession Story to Share? The Register Wants to Hear from You!

Remember that series the Register ran on receiving roses from St. Thérèse of Lisieux? Again, we’re looking for moving stories on an entirely different subject – a sacrament necessary for our salvation.

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

With an upcoming special section on the sacrament of confession, and because confession pertains to everyone, we’re hoping you have an experience you are willing to share with readers. Who knows? It might just inspire someone who has been away from the sacrament and your story will inspire them to return to the sacrament. It might give then the encouragement, the incentive, the wonderful push in the right direction.


Some Suggestions

Maybe the memorable confession story might be about your return to confession and what it’s meant to you and your renewed faith?

Maybe it’s about a priest who helped you in a crucial or significant way?

Maybe it’s about some experience in or with confession that deepened your faith?

Maybe it’s about how regular confession, whether monthly, weekly, biweekly, has played a major role in your life and faith. Or how these regular confessions continue to help your faith grow.

Maybe it’s how confession has turned around a friend or family member’s life.

Maybe you know a parish that stands out as remarkable for confession?

Don’t be limited by these suggestions. You might have some other aspect to share. (Except, of course, personal sins! Save those for the confessional!)


Help Save a Soul

Remember, what you share can bring someone back to the Church, return to the faith, grow spiritually as we all travel the narrow road to heaven. Would you consider sharing your story to possibly be included in a Register article either on the website or print edition? We’d love to share a few of these stories with our readers.

If you would like to have your story considered for the article, please email it to [email protected].