George Weigel Addresses Bishop Robert McElroy, Do Catholics Worship Statues, and More Great Links!

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St. John Paul II
St. John Paul II (photo: The Catholic World Report)

George Weigel Addresses Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego of His Misconceptions on St. John Paul II - George Weigel, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report+++

Do Catholics Worship Statues? – Chloe Langr, epicPew

Cardinal Schönborn: Priestesses Too Profound a Change for the Church – Catholic Herald

Movies: Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since “Humanae Vitæ” – Sister Helena Burns F.S.P., Hell Burns

Did the Church Destroy Civilization? – Steve Weidenkopf, Catholic Answers Magazine

WJAMI or ‘Would Jesus Accept My Invitation?’ – Brice Sokolowski,

I Have Seen a Unicorn, a Pro-Life Democrat! – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

7 Tips to Tell a Friend Before She Buys a Wedding Dress – Meghan Ashley Styling

Was the Resurrection Based on Near Eastern Mythologies? – Matthew B. Rose, Quidquid Est, Est!

What Do the Church Fathers & Popes Say About the Devil? – Fr. Paolo Carlin, Catholic Exchange

The Internet: Blessing or Curse? – Tom Jay, Crisis Magazine

Russian Orthodox Metropolitan: Catholic Views are Unacceptable – Vladimir Rozanskij,

Poland & the Future of Europe – Jozef Andrew Kosc, First Things

Why Be (or Continue to Be) Catholic? – Fr. Z’s Blog

Power Without Piety – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

Why Does Cardinal Errazuris, Tainted by Scandal, Retains a Prestigious Vatican Post – Catholic Culture

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