Former Protestant Minister Authors Definitive Work on Church Fathers, Jesus Without the Gospels, and More Great Links!

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Statues of Church Fathers in Moscow Photo
Statues of Church Fathers in Moscow Photo (photo: Tito Edwards / 2919569 from Pixabay / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Former Protestant Minister Authors Definitive Work on Church Fathers – Mary Beth Bracy at Ignitum Today

Jesus Without the Gospels – Jimmy Akin

Four Ways Praying the Psalms Daily is Changing My Life – Chloe Langr at Radiant Magazine

Hopefully Cincinnati’s Synodal Way is Reflective of Most Faithful Catholics – Father Allan J. McDonald at Southern Orders

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Salem and the Smoke of Satan – George Weigel at Catholic World Report

Daughters of Saint Paul will Close Four Locations to Consolidate Mission – J. P. Mauro at Aleteia

Looking Back on Our Lenten Journey - Diana Ragsdale at Catholic Stand

On the Sad—but Inevitable?—Demise of the Catholic News Service – Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture

Catholics Pray Rosary at Supreme Court Building as Angry Protesters Scream (Video) – Jacqueline Burkepile at ChurchPOP

Pope: Abortion is Not a Lesser Evil. It is a Crime, It is Absolutely Evil – Florentius at Gloria Romanorum

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Ivan Aivazovsky, “Walking on Water,” ca. 1890

10 Scripture Verses to Strengthen You in Hardship

“The witness of Scripture is unanimous that the solicitude of divine providence is concrete and immediate; God cares for all, from the least things to the great events of the world and its history. The sacred books powerfully affirm God's absolute sovereignty over the course of events …” (CCC 303)