First Impressions of Rome

It has been a busy morning. My flight arrived at the Rome airport at 7:55 a.m. A taxi driver overcharged me (75 euro) to drop me off at my hotel. After freshening up, I took a bus into Rome, stopping by the Vatican Press Office for my credentials and then on to Vatican Radio for the press conference on the Verbum Domini exhibit (more on that later). I had a delightful lunch of pasta and prosciutto with EWTN’s Joan Lewis and Catholic News Service’s Carol Glatz. This afternoon it’s off to the museum for a first look at the exhibit with the director of the exhibit, Dr. Scott Carroll. Rome is a bustling city. I marveled at how the motorcycles and vespas create lanes where there are none. It was a wonder watching them weave in and out of traffic narrowly missing pedestrians and cars as I rode the bus this morning.