Farewell, Diogenes, Popular Catholic Blogger; Prejudices Of The French Revolution; And More Links!

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Screenshot of Jesuit Father Paul Mankowski
Screenshot of Jesuit Father Paul Mankowski )

Farewell, Diogenes, Popular Catholic Blogger: Fr. Paul Mankowski Dies – Philip F. Lawler at Catholic Culture +1

Prejudices of the French Revolution – Brett Fawcett at Ignitum Today +1

Human Rights Group Urges Investigation into Forced Religious Conversions in Pakistan – Zelda Caldwell at Aleteia

Pope Peter: Off the Shelf with Joe Heschmeyer – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand

Kanye’s Theological Argument with His Catholic Friend – Matthew Becklo at Word on Fire Blog

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The Obligation of Clear, Compassionate Correction of the Sinner – Msgr. Charles E. Pope at Community in Mission

Purging Love of the World – Peter Darcy at Catholic Stand

The Church & Homosexuality From the Perspective of Ex-Catholic: Bobby Lopez – Joseph Sciambra at Sons of St. Joseph

Beating a Dead Horse, But It is Necessary – Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Southern Orders

Responding to Massimo Faggioli’s Question about Traditional Rite of Confirmation – Fr. Z's Blog

Georgetown University's Questionable Professor Brooks – Dad29