Family Faith Snapshots: Amanda Livermore

“The best thing we can do for our children is to show them a living example of a sacramental marriage.”

(photo: Photo provided)

Who are you?

I am the Director of Mission Effectiveness for Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida. I have been in this role for four years, developing the Catholic identity of the school and creating opportunities for our 1400 students and their families to encounter Christ. I enjoy presenting nationally on this topic as I hope to inspire Catholic schools to see the opportunity of evangelization in all aspects of the students’ education. I also sit on the board for Young Catholic Professionals in the newly formed Orlando, Florida chapter. 


Tell me a little about your family.

(I’ve been) married to Jason for almost 16 years. Isabel Marie is 12 years old, and Samuel Joseph is 10 years old.


What is your family's prayer routine like on an average day?

We pray without fail before bed. We also pray on the way to school if there is a specific concern or challenge the kids will be facing. 


Does your family have a patron saint? 

Before Isabel and Sammy were born, Jason and I lost our first child in an ectopic pregnancy. We named him Philip, and he is our special intercessor. Mary and Joseph are our models as parents and are in every room of the house. We invite them to pray with us often as we strive to live like them. 


How do your children inspire you to grow in faith?

Isabel is incredibly joyful and innocent. She sees the best in people and encourages them to be that person. I remember the moment she encountered the person of Christ and realized it. It brought tears to my eyes; Christ, the one whom my heart loves, has entered into my daughter’s heart in a profound way. Sammy is such a blessing to our family. He sees the world differently than the rest of us and helps us to open our eyes to God in new ways.


Is there a particular book or resource that has been especially helpful in your effort to raise a holy family or have a faith-filled home?

Searching for and Maintaining Peace, Redemptoris Mater and Redemptoris Custos


Do you have a written or unwritten mission for your family? What is it?

Team Livermore: committed to getting each other to heaven! 


What is your family's favorite Catholic tradition or celebration?

We love Lent as a family. For weeks in advance we discuss what we are going to add/give up and why. It’s important that each of us owns the decision and that we can support one another. We also love going to Reconciliation together as a family. 


What are some of your DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to technology and media? 

No TVs or electronics in bedrooms. Limited time on devices. Neither child has cell phones (much to their dismay). This Lent, Jason and I stopped bringing cell phones in our room as well and it’s been very good for us individually and together. 


Can you share a word of wisdom that has been particularly beneficial to you in your Catholic family life?

The best thing we can do for our children is to show them a living example of a sacramental marriage. It is our marriage, with Christ as the center, that is the center of our household. Jason and I date, we care for each other, we respect each other and our roles in the family. We are a team, and our children have joined that team. Setting up our home, doing laundry, cooking — all of it is sacred because it’s all for the Lord. Together team Livermore will get to heaven!