Do You LIKE Catholic Media Promotion Day (March 15)?

One thing the world could use more of is good Catholic media. We all cringe every time the mainstream media take up covering a Catholic issue. Rarely is it correct. Often is it biased. We need to tell our story for ourselves to the world. And too often it’s getting told for us (and usually against us).

Aside from that, there are lots and lots of Catholics out there who would really enjoy consuming Catholic media, but they don’t know about it—yet. We need your help to tell them. Introducing ... Catholic Media Promotion Day.

On March 15, 2011, everyone with a blog, podcast, or Facebook page should list their favorite 3 blogs, 3 podcasts, 3 other media, 3 random Catholic things online, and their own projects.

Then, share a link to it on the Catholic Media Promotion Day Facebook page on March 15.

Additionally, to help get the word out, press are asked to write articles and press releases for this day.

Lastly, on March 15th, go to iTunes and leave at least 3 positive written reviews for various Catholic podcasts and 3 positive written reviews for Catholic mobile applications.

And if you don’t have a blog, just create a “note” on Facebook with links to all of your favorites. Or write an email with links and send it to 20 people you think might like them. Or tweet them out. But please do something to share some Catholic media resources with your friends and family.

We are getting more and more excellent Catholic media out there. And if it had more consumers, it would have more resources and support to continue to get better and better. But the problem is still that a lot of people simply haven’t heard about it yet. Let’s tell them!

And to start, please head over to the Catholic Media Promotion Day Facebook page and “LIKE” it so you can stay in the loop on announcements and follow all of the great Catholic media resources people will be sharing next Tuesday, March 15.