Congressman Ob/Gyn Speaks About Fetal Pain, Media Titters Like Grade Schoolers

Just when I think our culture can't get any lower.

Representative Michael Burgess is an ob-gyn and a congressman. He has delivered thousands of babies. Recently, he spoke about babies' ability to feel pain in the womb due to an upcoming bill in the legislature. He mentions the fact that babies in the womb have been seen touching their own faces or genitals for what may be pleasure so it's logical to believe they can feel pain. It seems like worthy testimony but watch it and guess what the national conversation is.


Here's the headlines:

The Atlantic Wire writes: "GOP Congressman Wants to Ban Abortion to Save Masturbating Fetuses."

Slate Magazine reports: "Texas Congressman Says Fetuses Have Rights Because They Masturbate."

The HuffPo leads with "Michael Burgess, Republican Opposes Abortion 'Because I Have Seen Male Foetuses Masturbate.'

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: "Rep. Michael Burgess wants you to think about fetal masturbation."

Think about this. Rep. Burgess is talking about whether babies in the womb all these years have been feeling the pain of being burned alive or being ripped apart limb from limb. If there was ever a necessary national conversation this would be it, wouldn't it? But what do we get? We get journalists doing their Beavis and Butthead imitations. We get snickers and junior high school jokes.

Here's the thing. The media and abortion rights advocates (wait, is that redundant?) knows it cannot...must not allow this conversation to take place. So all they can do is mock. If they were to face this question honestly they'd fear facing the truth of what they have so long advocated. As of now, their mockery reveals them for monsters.

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