Conclave: The App

Just wanted to let folks know about a neat little app that Logos Bible Software has just released to help Catholics (and others) learn about the upcoming conclave.

The app is FREE and is available both for iOS (iPhone/Pod/Pad) and Android.

They really rushed to get it out so that we'd have it in time for the conclave, and I know people at Logos who spent long nights getting it ready.

It's got some really cool features and material (including some by yours truly) and ways to stay in touch with important Catholic information sources, like the National Catholic Register and Catholic Answers.

Here's a description of the app:

Your free mobile hub for conclave news

Conclave is a free app that keeps you up to date on the papal election.

  • Be among the first to see the white smoke rise—watch the live video feed from St. Peter’s Square.
  • Learn about the cardinals in the conclave—115 electors, and 1 future pope.
  • Read the official documents instating, defining, and amending the conclave’s process.
  • Follow key Catholic sources and authorities like The National Catholic Register and Jimmy Akin.
  • See what Twitter has to say about the conclave