#Catholic Problems

My nine most recent #Catholicproblems

When you misnumber a Commandment on your blog because the internet showed you the Protestant Ten Commandments. #combox pounce

When “Family Size” groceries don’t mean your family. This especially occurs when purchasing non-healthy items.

Missing getting slugged in the larynx with patens at Communion. #thegoodol'days

Bringing enough dollars for collection at Mass so each of your kids can give. #goingbroke

Going to a neighboring parish for confession because you fear your priest will recognize your voice but still wanting him to know you go to confession so you bring it up awkwardly in conversation.

When you hear giggling from your kids everytime you mistakenly say “And also with you” at Mass. #oldschool

You’re leading the rosary after morning Mass and you lose your place and you panic because you can’t remember if you’ve said eight or nine Hail Mary’s.

When my youngest calls out the table next to us at Applebees for not praying before eating.

I have to pray to St. Anthony to help me find my rosary.