Can You Describe Your Dad in Two Words?

As part of a Father’s Day tribute, the people over at The Good Men Project are asking people to describe their dads in two words.

Some responses have been touching:

Blindly supportive, Brilliant and Idealistic, Touch and Caring, Good man

Some responses have been amusing:

Vodka and charm.

And some responses have been sad:

Not home, Neglectful alcoholic

I thought this was an interesting exercise, so in honor of Father’s Day (this Sunday, June 20) I thought we could try it here ourselves.

What two words best describe your dad?

I can go first:

My dad’s insatiable desire for knowledge and passionate search for truth in all things is something that made a real impression upon me growing up. By his example of reading, researching, studying, and thoroughly examining every part of life, he taught me to love learning and to appreciate the joys of exploring the world, pursuing passions, and sharing knowledge with others. He never “dumbed down” anything for us kids, and I am deeply grateful for his patience in discussing faith, science, politics, philosophy, ethics, and pretty much anything any one of the nine of us asked about.

My dad, a convert to Catholicism, has been steadfast in his practice of his faith, his devotion to Mary, and his daily prayer life. His steady example of doing what’s right and remaining faithful, even through hard times, is inspiring to me and all of my kids. Grandpapa never misses his rosary, Mass or adoration. We know we can count on his prayer support, and that is a very comforting thought. My dad has remained a “provider” in a spiritual sense, even all these years after we kids moved out of the house.

How about you? What two words would you use to describe your dad this Father’s Day?