Blessed Marie Séraphine Saw Martin Luther in an “Abyss of Fire” and More Links!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Blessed Marie Séraphine was with an Angel and Saw Martin Luther in an “Abyss of Fire” - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

How Do We Re-Establish an Artistic Tradition and Make if Relevant Today? – David Clayton, Beauty of Catholicism

Gossip and Whistle-Blowers – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today

Book Review: God, Money, and Catholicism – CWR Staff, The Catholic World Report

Divorce For Kids: Infectious Disease Or Single Blow – David Roney, Catholic Stand

Evidence Christ Offered the Last Supper as a Sacrifice – Karlo Broussard, Catholic Answers

Confusing God’s Borders with Our Own – Gabriel Garnica, Catholic Stand

Struggles All Catholics with ADHD Can Understand – Alex R. Hey, epicPew

Sexy is No Substitute for Class – Shane Schaetzel, Fully Christian

They’re Confessors, Not “Culture-Warriors” - George Weigel, First Things

Kenyan Catholic Ministers of Parliament Clash Over “Same Sex Marriage” – Allen Otaro, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report

Pope Rolls the Dice on Reform Blending Old Guard with New Wave – John L. Allen Jr., Crux

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