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Where in the World are Permanent Deacons? – Luke Coppen and Brendan Hodge at The Pillar

Over-Scrupulous in Striving for Perfection? What You Can Do to Beat It – George Ryan at Church Pop Blog

What Do the Different Liturgical Colors Mean? – Get Fed™ Blog

There is No Time Like The Present – Gabriel Garnica at Catholic Stand

I’ll Be Doing Opus Dei No Matter What – Austin Ruse at Crisis Magazine

Twenty Two Years On, 9/11 – Will Ross at Will Ross Official Blog

‘Outing’ the Bad Catholic Project – Father Gerald E. Murray, J.C.D., at The Catholic Thing Blog

Clash of the Titans: Strickland vs. Martin – A Treasure To Be Shared Blog

Archbishop Fernández Clarifications Clarify the Clarity of the Clearness Clarified – Fr. Z’s Blog

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An apartment building stands damaged after a Russian attack in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Ukrainian Struggles in Wartime, and IVF and Catholic Teaching (March 2)

An Alabama Supreme Court decision that established the personhood of frozen human embryos has set off a national debate over in vitro fertilization. The Catholic Church has long condemned IVF process but has embraced other medical technologies for fertility. Bishop Earl Fernandes of Columbus, Ohio, sheds light on Catholic teaching on in vitro fertilization Then EWTN News reporter Colm Flynn gives insights on the Ukrainian people’s struggles through war after his recent trip to Ukraine.