Are You Insane?!

Are you insane?! Has anyone ever asked you this question? If they did, they were probably very concerned with something you were doing or, maybe something you were failing to do that was extremely important. My question to you is, are you praying for our next pope? To be clear, I am NOT asking you the following:

  • Are you "thinking" about the next pope?
  • Are you nodding at the idea of the need to pray for our next pope?
  • Have you said a little prayer here or there about the new pope?


The renowned Carmelite Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen has this to say about prayer as a critical means of God's grace:

"God wishes our collaboration. He wants it so much that he has made the granting of certain graces, necessary for our salvation, and that of others, dependent upon our prayers. In other words, by the merits of Jesus, grace - God's infinite mercy - is ready to be poured out for us abundantly… but it will not be poured out unless there is someone who raises supplicating hands to heaven asking for it. If prayer does not ascend to the throne of the Most High, grace will not be granted." (Divine Intimacy - Apostolic Prayer)

Let me repeat a very powerful thought here. If we don't pray, God's grace will not be granted. We are God's chosen means to accomplish His will. Prayer is the way that we cooperate with Him in the accomplishment of His will.

So, are you praying for the next pope? I mean really praying? To be clear, here's what I AM asking:

  • Every time your head is bowed in prayer, do you mention this intention?
  • Every time you go to Mass, do you offer this intention?
  • Are you making specific sacrifices and fasting for the next pope?


If you are a faithful Catholic and care about the future of the Church and the salvation of millions and you are not really committing yourself to prayer in this matter, I only have one question for you, ARE YOU INSANE?!

Please pray. If you have not yet adopted a Cardinal, please join me and more than 320,000 sane Catholics by going to