Accidental Life Lawsuits or Gratitude

Normally I'm a big fan of anyone suing abortionists. But not so much in this case.

An Italian couple, Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi, are suing the hospital who failed to actually kill their daughter not only for psychological trauma but to make up for the material deprivation they've suffered by having to take care of their daughter.

The Daily Mail reports:

Elisa, who is mature beyond her years, incredibly supports their decision to sue and insists she has always felt 'loved'.
The failed abortion took place in 2000 after the couple, who already had a grown-up son, unexpectedly discovered that they were expecting a baby. The Bellandis were told it was medically necessary to save the life of Aurora, already 43. They also felt that they could simply not afford another child. With grim acceptance, they agreed to the termination. But, by the time they discovered it had failed, it was too late to repeat the procedure under Italian law, which forbids abortion after 21 weeks.
“The doctors brought her into the world. They should provide for her study and indispensable needs until she is 18. It's her right ” The pregnancy and birth were problematic and the couple successfully sued the doctors responsible for 'physical harm to the mother' and received £85,000 (€120,000) in damages in 2008. Seven years later, the couple, who claim they are still struggling financially as a result of Elisa's birth, are taking a hospital in Alessandria, in the mountainous northern region of Piedmont, to Italy's highest court.
The Bellandis argue the hospital is responsible for Elisa's birth and should pay for her upbringing. 'The doctors brought her into the world. They should provide for her study and indispensable needs until she is 18. It's her right', her father Giuseppe told MailOnline.

So she didn't have a right to life but the parents believe they have a "right" to cash money for an accidental life?

The girl's father insists that the couple sees their daughter as "a gift from God - but we did not seek it out." Uhm. Does this couple not know how she became pregnant? You must have sought it out a little bit. Here's the thing -once people are not open to life but still very open to having sex, the resulting life can be deemed an accident. And once life is deemed an accident, that accident has to be somebody's fault. And once somebody's at fault somebody's going to get sued.

When love and gratitude exit, lawyers enter.

So God gave them a gift which they promptly attempted to return to Him and then when they got their daughter anyway they're now looking for a rebate. This lawsuit is essentially a "waaaaaaahhhhh" in legalese. It's whining that reality didn't respond quite quick enough to my whim so someone's gotta' pay. It's just so 21st century.

Look, you can tweet or Tumblr some clever bon mot about how your life has fallen short of your dreams but to sue for the accidental life of your daughter seems a bit over the top, doesn't it? Can we think about the child here for a moment? Mind you, the news article raves about the stability of the child - because reporters can tell such things after meeting a child for an hour. The parents insist that they love their child and I believe them but aren't they at least sending a mixed message to their child. "Honey, we tried to kill you once and our MD hitman didn't do the job so we think he now has to pay support for you. But we still love you. They still want the material life they would've had if she'd been aborted. Isn't that telling her they regret having her? Their very desire to make things right implies that they see the current situation as wrong. Her as wrong.

They say she's a gift from God so how about being grateful for the miracle of your daughter's life and calling it a day? Maybe, just maybe, God's plan for your life was better than the plan you made for yourself. Let me ask you, whose life turns out the way they thought it would? Did I expect to have five kids, drive a minivan, and coach soccer? No. But I made some choices and I'm not looking to lawyer up. And I'm grateful for all of it. My kids are wonderfully kind, intelligent, and loving people (mostly). My minivan has many cup holders and. it starts every day (mostly.) And as far as being a soccer coach? Well that stinks (more than mostly). But I'm still grateful for all of it. When I look at my five kids I don't think to myself that this one represents the cruise I never got to go on, this one represents the sports car I'll never own, and this one represents my early retirement which isn't looking promising right now. I'm grateful for each of them. I'm a better man for having kids. I know it.

Life doesn't follow our prescribed plan. How boring would that be anyway? We can't control life but we can adapt and make the right decisions. We can choose to love and be grateful. Most of all, we can tell our children that they're loved and that we're grateful for them and that we're not hiring abortionists and lawyers to fix our lives.