'Abortion Doulas' Help Frightened Women to Kill Their Babies

Because They Care

At the end of last week, when the Washington Post published an article I wrote about the Twitter trend of tweeting “I had an abortion,” I prepared myself for a bit of backlash, especially on Twitter, where the pro-abortion trend started.

I was not disappointed.

I’d like to say that I had positive, thoughtful interactions with people who disagree that all human life deserves protection. But that would be a lie. I had a couple of those. But I had other interactions that included name-calling, vulgarity, and ugly lies.

It was one of the latter interactions that sent me a link and opened my eyes to a disturbing “ministry” I previously did not know existed—one where people who dare to call themselves “doulas” help nervous and emotionally distraught women choose to abort their babies.

They are abortion doulas, of course.

“One woman was so nervous during her abortion that her sweat soaked through her paper gown.

A second apologized repeatedly for not being ready to have a child.

A third sobbed quietly because she was forced to terminate her pregnancy due to health complications.

During the two years that Lauren Mitchell has attended to the needs of women undergoing abortions, these three patients are among the hundreds she has served.

“Abortion is different for every woman, and though it can be straightforward and simple, it can in some cases be stressful,” said Mitchell, co-founder of The Doula Project, a Manhattan-based nonprofit that trains volunteers to support women not only during delivery, but during abortions, too. “Regardless of the circumstances, we’re here to help.”

I suppose the description of these women in distress is supposed to make us sympathetic to the fact that they need support. Of course they need support. But do any of these “doulas” pause to think for a moment that the woman crying and sweating and shaking on the abortionist’s table might be best served by finding a way to help her that does not involve killing her baby?

Of course not.

Once again, the pro-choice agenda proves that it’s not really pro-choice after all. It’s pro-abortion. Abortion is the only approved “choice” for pregnant women in distress.

I am not surprised. Saddened and sickened, sure. But not surprised.

St. Ann, Patroness of Pregnant Women, pray for us!