5 Fatal Flaws of Gender Theory

“Gender theory” is anti-reality and anti-science.

“The Creation of Eve”, attr. to Raphael Coxie, c. 1605
“The Creation of Eve”, attr. to Raphael Coxie, c. 1605 (photo: Public Domain)

Our parents wisely told us: “If you’re gonna lie, you’d better have a good memory!”

It’s not just advice. It’s a warning.

Those who bend the truth will get caught in a contradiction. This is exactly what’s happening with today’s gender theorists who want us to be believe that our maleness or femaleness are mere imaginary constructs our culture forces upon us. It is not only contrary to reality, but is actually anti-reality, thus its internal contradictions are readily evident. There are five dramatic inconsistencies they must answer for.   


Fatal Flaw #1: “Gender is a Spectrum”

One of the most basic tenets of gender theory is that human genders are like the hues of a rainbow, seamlessly blending from one to another — and that all of us fit in different places along that spectrum. At the two extreme ends, you have ‘male’ and ‘female’ and in between you have a vast array of diversity.

But it’s not true in reality, is it? You pay attention when you’re out and about in the community. How many other genders of the spectrum have you ever seen? How many are in your parish, school or workplace? I’m betting its only two different types.

When I speak on this topic on college campuses, I ask the males and females to raise their hands individually. I then ask those who some other gender to raise their hands. Only on secular campuses do I see hands raised on this one. Of course, this excites me because it’s an opportunity to learn, to finally see one of these other genders we hear so much about. So, of course I ask them to come meet me afterward and let me learn their story. They always turn out to be some variation of male or female — not a new or different gender at all.

Even cultural anthropologists don’t experience, or have names for, any other genders outside the binary norm of male or female. This leads us to the second inconsistency.


Fatal Flaw #2: “Binary is Bad” (But the “G” “L” “B” and “T” are Built on It)

If gender theory were a religion, the worst demon all the new believers must immediately be exorcised of is the “lie” that gender is binary, the root of all evil. This belief is their flat-earth equivalent. But they don’t appreciate that explaining and understanding their highest state, the “LGBT” thing, is established completely on a binary system.

“L” - What does it mean to be a lesbian? It’s being a woman who is attracted to other women. A lesbian is not a man or any other gender, and she is not attracted to men or any additional gender. There are no other genders that she is not attracted to. It’s a binary system.

“G” - What about being gay? It means one is a man and only a man who is attracted to other men. He is not attracted to women or any additional gender. Binary.

“B” - What does it mean to be bisexual? This is an easy one right? Bi. Bicycle, binocular, biped, bifocal, biracial ... and binary. It is not merely an unfortunate coincidence that bisexual and binary share the same prefix. Bisexual requires the binary. No matter how long the string of letters gets here — and it can get crazy long — there are no letters describing any of the other supposed genders of the rainbow. This is a damning problem for them in keeping their story straight and they don’t even seem to notice.

“T” - What does it mean to be transgender? This is not a category of one’s sexual interests. It’s the gender one identifies with in relation to the one some narrow-minded, robotic medical professional “assigned” them at birth.

But what about the prefix: “Trans”? Transcontinental, transatlantic, translate, transmit, transport, etc. Trans means going from ‘this’ to ‘that’, from ‘here’ to ‘there’. The gender theory nomenclature itself reveals the binary nature of this. Trans people identify themselves as either MTF (male-to-female) or FTM (female-to-male). You will have a hard time finding any other options. Just like the “L”, “G” and “B”, Trans is binary.


Fatal Flaw #3: “Gender is Not Naturally Determined ... Unless You're Trans”

The second “original sin” the good student of gender theory students must free themselves from is that gender is natural and objective. It is not. You act male or female merely because your culture dictates that you must look and act according their definition of what a male or female is. Enlightenment consists of overcoming this construct.

Thus, as good discerning students trying to understand what gender theorists are teaching us, we must raise our hand and ask how all the diverse cultures of the world have at all times happened to ‘construct’ the same two sexes in the generally same ways and no others? Our professors won’t have an answer.

This fact should reveal another great inconsistency. Consider what the director of GLAAD's transgender media office said about Bruce Jenner’s infamous metamorphosis: “The world can now see what Caitlyn Jenner has always known, that she is — and always has been — a woman.” And what did Jenner “trans” to? A terribly stereotypical social construct of the sexually objectified female form.

How can it be true that your male or femaleness has nothing naturally substantive to it whatsoever, but for the transgender individual, their self-proclaimed male or femaleness is absolutely, incontestably and irrevocably who they are, so much so that anyone who doesn’t recognize it will be severely punished.


Fatal Flaw #4: “Androgyny is Natural”

Androgyny is naturally occurring, according to the theory — a part of the supposed rainbow spectrum. But it doesn’t exist without very detailed intentional effort, does it? No one really has any problem seeing that the androgynous person is merely a glossed over male or female.


Fatal Flaw #5: “My Little Boy is Actually a Girl”

Suppose you’re a school administrator and you have a student whose parents tell you is not the little boy he appears to be and they ask you to accept and treat their child as the girl he is. If you cooperate, you are a brave, enlightened hero. If you resist, you are evil. That is gender theory orthodoxy. It’s not scientific orthodoxy, though.

The leading researchers working with children with gender identity disorder regularly find that 73 to 98 percent of such children come to identify with their natal sex by puberty. Most benefited from therapy, but many just reverted naturally. This is precisely why many of the leading scholars and clinicians working with such children recommend that parents, pediatricians and school administrators do not facilitate cross-gender behaviors and identity of such children. One of the largest such clinics in Europe is the Amsterdam Gender-Identity Clinic. They instruct that avoiding such facilitation saves these kids “from having to make a complex change back to the role of the natal gender.”

Dr. Richard Green, one of the longest researchers in this field and a strongly outspoken advocate in LGBT politics, told the Atlantic Monthly that these children will likely feel “a lot of a pressure to remain” as the opposite gender when they start to feel otherwise as puberty approaches. It is not compassionate or enlightened to go along with the desires of the gender dysphoric child. The exact opposite is true based on the best research.

Boys are not born into girl’s bodies and vice-versa. It’s irresponsible and harmful to play along with the assumption that they are.  



Gender theory is all about running from the natural order of reality, seeking to turn it on its head. It is anti-reality and anti-science. Just like a police detective interrogating a guilty suspect, the more they tell their story, the more obvious its whopping inconsistencies are revealed. It is remarkable and unforgivable how most of the media, academia and cultural elites have facilitated the perpetuation of this scam by failing to ask its proponents even the most basic questions. No such detective would keep his job. It should be the same with journalists and academics who blindly support this deeply flawed theory.