Students enter a school
Students enter a school (photo: cheapbooks / Shutterstock)

How Parental Rights in Education Matter for a Healthy Society (Season 2 — Ep. 1)

American children spend roughly 33 hours a week at school. What goes on in the classroom directly shapes them and impacts their families. It also affects the future of the nation and the Church. What happens if schools pressure children to reject their beliefs? Where can parents turn? How can the Church help?

Find answers here on Religious Freedom Matters, the Education Series. Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, Director of the Conscience Project, and Register Senior Editor Joan Desmond host this five-episode series looking at the growing threat to religious freedom posed by institutions of education. In Season 2 Episode 1 EWTN News’ executive editor Matthew Bunson joins the podcast to share important insight on Church teaching that parents responsibly exercising their rights as primary educators promote a healthy society and strengthen the Church.

Link: From Critical Race and Gender Theory Curricula to Abortion Access for Teens, Parents Rights Battles Mount Nationwide