Vatican Notes & Quotes

Great Jubilee Offers Something for Everyone

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, May 1—“The Vatican is pushing ahead with Holy Year plans for the new millennium, with an anthem, comic books and a special prayer to be read by the Pope,” reported the AP's Frances D'Emilio.

The Vatican announced April 29 that a hymn to mark the Holy Year has been commissioned but has yet to be completed. A prayer for the Great Jubilee has also been prepared.

In addition, “an Italian church group is preparing comic books and games” for the first main Holy Year gathering in 2000, said the report. It will take place on Jan. 2 and will be dedicated to children. Some 45,000 youngsters are expected in Rome for the day.

Scandal Movies Set for 2000

THE NEW YORK POST, May 4—“Three competing movie companies are planning to rain on the Pope's millennium parade by bringing out pictures about … the murder of Vatican banker Roberto Calvi, who was found hanged under a London bridge in 1982, ” said columnist Neal Travis.

God's Banker is being developed by Martin Scorsese; Elton John has his company working on St. Peter's Bank; and Ed Pressman is set to go with The Vatican Connection,” said Travis.

An international commission of leading businessmen found that the Vatican had done nothing improper in the case.