The Devil Is Out of the Closet and Is a Progressive, Modern Myths About the Crusades, and Much More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

The Devil Is Out of the Closet and Is a Progressive by Patti Maguire Armstrong of Catholic Stand - Big Pulpit

Modern Myths About The Crusades: The Massacre of Jerusalem – Steve Weidenkopf, Catholic Answers

Pope John Paul II on the Culture of Death at Planned Parenthood - Ryan Mayer, Epic Pew

Three Easy Steps to Show that Absolute Truth Exists – Joe Heschmeyer, Strange Notions

What Has Happened to Sacred Catholic Music? - H. L. Duncan, Catholic Stand

On Confession: The Way to Peace – Michael Lane, Catholic Lane

Rocky Balboa, The Gospel of St. John, and the New Evangelization - Matthew Higgins, Ignitum Today

Pilgrimage in York, England: Martyr St. Margaret Clitherow, Wife and Mother – Michael Durnan, Regina Magazine

Planets, Dr. Seuss & Snowflakes: Combined Proof That There Is a Creator – Larry Peterson, It Makes Sense To Me

Science Contra Hubris – Edward R. Dougherty, Public Discourse

Filling Up My Nearly Empty Gas Tank – Mike Eisenbath, Catholic Lane

Poland Then, Britain Now – Joanna Bogle, The CWR Blog

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