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Priest Asks Homosexuals to Refrain from Communion

THE GRAND FORKS HERALD (North Dakota), May 9 — A Minnesota pastor has told an openly homosexual couple in his parish they are no longer free to take Communion, minister Communion or sing in the church choir.

Father Larry Wieseler of St. Mary's parishes in Baudette, Williams and Falun, Minn., acted after a letter to the editor appeared in the local newspaper by one of the men in which he stated he was a homosexual “in a committed relationship with another man whom I love, as you should love your spouse,” the Herald reported.

Father Wieseler had previously talked to the couple about Church teaching on homosexuality. When the letter appeared and they went public, however, he said he had to do something.

He did not deny Communion to the men but merely suggested they should not come to receive Communion, he told the paper.

The men said they are looking into other denominations that might welcome a homosexual couple as active members.

Ads Target Cardinal's Comments on Communion

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, May 7 — American Life League took out ads in early May in several newspapers in response to Washington, D.C. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's comments about denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

The ads say, “You can't be both Catholic and pro-abortion!” The ads, which addressed a statement by the cardinal specifically, ran in the Washington Times, the Wanderer Catholic newspaper and Human Events magazine.

Cardinal McCarrick told the Associated Press in early May that “I have not gotten to the stage where I'm comfortable in denying the Eucharist.”

The cardinal chairs a panel that is currently deciding how bishops can respond to Catholic pro-abortion politicians.

Movie Makes Jesus a Fashion Statement

FOX NEWS, May 10 — Thanks to The Passion of the Christ, Jesus “is a movie star and a cultural icon,” according to Fox News. Now, it said, he's also a fashion statement.

“Jesus chic” wear is becoming all the rage in Hollywood, the news station reported. Designers and boutiques have been quick to offer everything from T-shirts to belts with pictures and statements by Our Lord.

Celebrities such as Madonna and Pamela Anderson have been spotted wearing “Jesus Is My Homeboy” T-shirts and baseball caps. Some have been seen wearing “Mary Is My Homegirl” apparel.

“It's a fun, little Hollywood trend that was sparked by the success of the movie,” said E! Networks lifestyle director Elycia Rubin. “Obviously, fashion influences movies and movies influence fashion.”

Others, however, don't see it as “fun.”

“I think these T-shirts are disrespectful,” said Los Angeles attorney Michael Allan, who is Catholic. “Mary and Jesus don't belong on Tshirts. There are other ways to show your devotion.”