'More and More Catholic'

Thank you for giving “Mass Abuse” (May 2-8) the prominence it deserves.

Catholic politicians with pro-abortion hearts surely need to be instructed in their faith, and I am grateful that more and more bishops and priests are addressing this problem. However, can anything be more important than abuses in the Mass — from which, I believe, all other abuses flow?

Each and every failure to act or teach properly is an abuse of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. It is also an abuse of the rights of each and every one of the lay faithful. That adds up to a lot of abuses by priests for approximately 40 years.

When the sex-abuse scandal hurt Our Lord and his Church so deeply, I know I was not alone in believing surely the U.S. hierarchy will see this as a wake-up call and return to loving obedience to Christ's vicar.

I recall having felt the same way when Inaestimabile Donum [“Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery”] was issued in 1980! We all know what happened — things continued to get worse.

So we continue to pray. Sometimes we have unkind thoughts like, “Is there no end to their ego?” and “Have they forgotten we are Roman Catholics? and “Do they not know they are free to go elsewhere if they prefer not to obey?”

Thank you for making the Register more and more Catholic.

ALICE SAVA, Yachats, Oregon