A Priest's Journey: Suicidal Thoughts, A Growing Order of Carmelite Nuns and Much More!

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A Priest’s Journey: Depression and Suicide by Jamey Brown of Catholic Stand - BigPulpit.com

A Growing Order of Traditional Carmelites Nuns – Fr. Z’s Blog

Infertility and the Church – Annie Deddens, Catholic Stand

The Islamic State Threat to Pope Francis Is Real, Says Security Chief - John Burger, Aleteia∝

An Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church by the Administration of Homiletic & Pastoral Review Website of Homiletic & Pastoral Review - BigPulpit.com

Lives of the Martyrs: Heroes ISIS Gave Us – Tom Hoopes, Catholic Vote

'First Human' Discovered in Ethiopia: What It Means For Catholics – Stacy Trasancos PhD, The Integrated Catholic Life™

The Cover Up at Catholic Relief Services - Michael Hichborn, Lepanto Institute

A Dozen College Students Describe Lent, Here’s What They Said - Lucy East, Epic Pew

Coptic Bishop Explains Why He Forgives ISIS – Daniel Philpott, Aleteia∝

Maria Lactans: Sacred or Scandalous? – Lauren Meyers, Ignitum Today

Religion and Violence – Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing

Beheadings Sign of Gathering Genocide in Middle East – Mariz Tadros, Aleteia∝

San Diego’s New Bishop Champions 'Seamless Garment' Theory: Poverty on Same Moral Level as Abortion - Hilary White, Life Site

Prominent Blogger Plays Race Card on Death Penalty – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Why Boarding Schools Are Good for Teenage Boys – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine

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