A God Who Does Marvelous Things

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Pope John Paul II met with more than 15,000 pilgrims in St. Peter's Square on April 9 for his weekly general audience. He offered his reflections on Psalm 135, which is a joyful invitation to praise the Lord.

“Jewish tradition combines this psalm with the following psalm, Psalm 136, calling the two together ‘The Great Hallel’ — a solemn and festive hymn of praise to sing to the Lord on Passover,” he pointed out. This initial invitation to praise is followed, he said, by a kind of profession of faith that recalls God's saving action in freeing his people from slavery in Egypt and bringing them to the Promised Land.

The Holy Father encouraged those present to make this profession of faith their own by raising their voices in praise of God through Jesus Christ the Redeemer. “The bond that exists between us and the Lord is characterized by love, intimacy and joyful commitment,” he said.

He ended his meditation with a quote from Pope St. Clement I: “The Creator and Lord of the universe has arranged it so all these things will be a benefit for all in peace and harmony, particularly for us who appeal to his mercy through our Lord, Jesus Christ. To him be glory and majesty forever. Amen.”

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