Tips for Christmas Visitors to Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM—Bring warm clothes and a collapsible umbrella as well as one or two summer outfits. The weather in December can be highly unpredictable, and varies between regions, so layered clothing is your best bet.

Prior to leaving home, make a list of family, community, and church members who would like to be remembered with a special prayer.

Keep some small change in your pocket, to give as a donation at holy sites.

If your bus is stopped at a security checkpoint, don't be alarmed. These security checks are routine, and for your protection.

Report any suspicious object (an unidentified tote bag, for example) to your tour guide or a security guard. Do not attempt to examine or move the object yourself. As Israelis say, “It's probably nothing, but what if it's something?”

—Michele Chabin