Prolife Victories

Michigan Momentum

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, June 10 — Driven by lawmakers hoping to bypass their pro-abortion governor, both chambers of the Michigan Legislature have passed a law banning partial-birth abortions.

The legislature approved the bill last year, but Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a nominal Catholic, vetoed it, the Associated Press reported. Pro-lifers collected more than 440,000 petition signatures to bring the bill back to the Legislature, where it could take effect with majority approval by both chambers.

While both chambers passed the law June 9, it didn't have the two-thirds majority vote need to take effect immediately. It will become law next March.

Canadian Courageous

THE CALGARY SUN (Alberta), June 9 — A Canadian bishop appears to be following in some American bishops’ footsteps by calling to task a Catholic politician whose public stances conflict with Church teaching.

Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, Alberta, demanded in a letter published June 11 at city parishes that Prime Minister Paul Martin take a stand against abortion and same-sex unions. He accuses Martin of “moral incoherence” for failure to take such stands, the Calgary Sun reported.

“The truth regarding the human person and our obligations to uphold this truth,” Bishop Henry wrote, “do not change when we leave the security of our homes and venture into the secular or political sphere.”

Texas Town Holds the Line

LIFENEWS.COM, June 8 — The City Council of Killeen, Texas, has drafted a resolution recognizing life as beginning at conception. It is also seeking to place restrictions on an abortion site that has opened in the city.

Killeen residents discovered the abortion site was opening in their city when they noticed half-page ads for it in their local phone book, the pro-life news site reported. At a council meeting in early June, 347 residents spoke against the site opening and only three spoke in favor.

While federal law legalizes abortion, the city attorney noted, local governments can impose restrictions. Another resolution drafted by the council would look into requiring a special permit and $5 million liability insurance for the abortion site.

Pro-Life Music Festival

FORT WAYNE JOURNAL GAZETTE (Indiana), June 11 — For the sixth year in a row, Right to Life of Kosciusko County, Ind., plans to hold a music festival in opposition to abortion.

The pro-life group is just one of several sponsors, whose motto for the festival will be “Rock America Back to Life,” the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reported. At least 33 bands are scheduled to perform at the June 25-26 event in Warsaw, Ind.

Five years ago the festival drew 350 people; this year 5,000 to 7,000 are expected to attend.