Graduating Senior’s 7 Takeaways From Attending a Faithful Catholic College

Looking back on time well spent in an enriching and faith-centered community

Exterior view of Christ the King Chapel at Christendom College
Exterior view of Christ the King Chapel at Christendom College (photo: VIKVAD / Shutterstock)

As a graduating senior at Christendom College, I am taking time to look back and reflect on what an amazing experience I have had in an enriching and faith-centered community as an undergraduate on the Front Royal, Virginia, campus.

Attending Christendom helped shape and form me into the person I am today. During my undergrad years, I grew as a person and grew more devout as a Catholic.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

It can be daunting as a young freshman to ask for help, especially in the new environment of campus life. But ask for help. There are many avenues for assistance on campus, such as spiritual advising and counseling, or the student services department. All of these resources on campus are made to help you as a student as needs arise.

2. The Value of Friendship

Throughout my college years, I have witnessed the value in making good friends. After all, in addition to Jesus, they are your support system away from home. I know that it can be hard to put yourself out there and meet new people, but it is worth it, trust me. I am blessed to have found such great friends during my college career, friendships that I pray will continue for many years to come.

3. Growth and Change Are Part of the Process

Aren’t experiences meant to challenge you to learn and grow? Who you are freshman year and who you are senior year will be different, and that is just part of the process, as you discern, in faith, where God is calling you along the way. As a freshman, I was afraid to be a part of campus and to get involved. Now, as a senior, I am the president of a campus club. Actively growing and changing are both good things to keep in mind while in college.

4. Develop Your Passions

Learning should extend beyond going to class and doing homework. Have at least one non-academic extracurricular outside of the classroom. Do something that does not involve class or studying, something that you are passionate about. Discover and develop your passions by playing a sport, joining a club, and/or pursuing a hobby that you enjoy. I joined multiple clubs on campus and enjoyed the chance to get more involved in my campus community.

5. Kindness Is Key

I have been blessed to be surrounded by many kind and generous people during my time at Christendom; it’s an environment of Christ-centered kindness and consideration. See Jesus in those who you encounter, on and off campus. Be kind; it’s cool.

6. Bring It All to Jesus

Bring your joys — and problems — to Christ, and leave all of your worries at the altar. Jesus is the ultimate problem-solver. He is truly there to help you with all of your challenges, no matter how small. Take some time, and go to the chapel. Sitting in his house has solved so many of my problems! Whether it was trouble with friends or a difficult assignment, I always felt that I could lay it all down at the altar.

7. Grow in Your Faith

Make time for your faith journey each day: Go to daily Mass, schedule a meeting with your spiritual adviser or talk with your fellow classmates about the current theology homework. By making time for your faith, you are able to prioritize what truly matters. With faith at the center of your day, being able to grow is much easier.

As St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of students, said, “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”