Biblical Baby Names

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Belly Ballot, a baby-name website, has predicted that more parents will choose biblical names for their children this year.

"Biblical names surging back into our culture is a great turn for the better. After many years, it shows that people are feeling stronger about their faith … [and want to] go back to original values and traditions," Lucie Wisco, editor of Belly Ballot, told Catholic News Agency.

The Social Security Administration’s list of top 10 most popular names includes Noah, Ethan, Michael and Abigail, but parents are considering other Bible names, such as Naomi, Caleb, Judith or Levi, too.

Wisco added that biblical names are a way for parents to "honor" Pope Francis: "Pope Francis is focusing more on the need for humility, mercy and compassion, and thus bringing ordinary people much closer to the Church again."