Register Readers Speak Out on Lindsey Graham, Pro-Life Principles and Abortion Extremism

Letters 10.23.22

Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions.
Letters to the editor offer a variety of opinions. (photo:

Public Penance

For thousands of years, the Church has stood firmly against abortion as the killing of innocent human life and a serious sin. Presently, many Catholic politicians are pushing extreme abortion policies to include abortion up to the moment of birth and abortion on demand using tax dollars. 

There is no excuse for a practicing Catholic to favor and promote such abortion policies. These policies will result in increased deaths, perhaps tens of thousands, of babies. Most of the hierarchy has been silent. Questions to our hierarchy: 

Do you condone this willful killing? Why haven’t you publicly called out these Catholic politicians and refused Holy Communion to them? Don’t you care about the souls of these Catholic politicians? Do you recognize the scandal you are giving to us? Your lack of action will result in the laity’s lack of action, of ignoring the evil of abortion. 

While some U.S. bishops, like Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, have taken courageous actions, others, including the Vatican, ignore what U.S. Catholic politicians have done. We pray the hierarchy would show the courage of St. Ambrose, who refused to give Communion to Emperor Theodosius until he demonstrated public penance for his grave sins. 

Joe and Lorraine Ferrall
City and state withheld


Graham’s ‘Marker’

Relevant to “A Line in the Sand” (Publisher’s Note, Oct. 9 issue): Many pro-lifers are mad at Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., for introducing into the Senate a 15-week maximum ban on abortions. I think that’s a bum rap. Actually, Graham is being very clever here. 

That 15-week ban is certainly not going to pass in the Senate, because the Democratic Party is committed to their “right up to the moment of birth” viewpoint. But Graham figured that out ahead of time. He is “laying down a marker,” which will clearly show everyone in the nation that the Democratic Party is not open to compromise. 

The Democrat-controlled House already passed an unlimited abortion bill, so almost every Democrat incumbent is now on record with that position. 

From now on, every pro-life Republican candidate (for any office) can urgently point out that Democrats won’t settle for anything less than wide-open abortion on demand. If an independent-minded voter asks, “Well, what’s your alternative?” the Republican can reply with the story of the rejection of the 15-week compromise. Absent the 15-week “marker,” the Democrats’ claim of “The pro-lifers want to ban all abortions, even in the case of life of the mother, rape and incest” would be a plausible campaign line. 

Lindsey Graham has done us all a favor, by forcing out into the open the Democrats’ insistence upon unrestricted abortion. 

Tom Sheahen
Oakland, Maryland


Public Service

Thank for your Publisher’s Note “Biden’s Undeniable Abortion Extremism” (Opinion, Aug. 28 issue), in which you chronicle many of President Joe Biden’s pro-abortion actions enacted with the intent of killing as many of the unborn as possible and even trying to make all Americans pay for them. It is as if killing the unborn is his life’s mission. While he proclaims he is a devout Catholic, he acts as an executioner. 

Thank you also for reporting the powerful words of Archbishop Lori of Baltimore, head of the USCCB’s committee chastising Biden. 

He said, “It is deeply disturbing and tragic that President Biden is choosing instead to use his power as president of the United States to promote and facilitate abortion in our country, seeking every possible avenue to deny unborn children their most basic human and civil right, the right to life. I implore the president to abandon this path that leads to death and destruction.” 

John Naughton
Silver Spring, Maryland