Can-Do ‘Register Catholics’

If I were to go looking for a Catholic to personify the ideal Register reader, I could hardly do better than to turn up Jason Jones. He’s a driving force behind several great initiatives taking the Church’s evangelizing, catechizing and pro-life message out into the modern world.

Jones’ latest project, Jose’s Second Chance, brings the wonderful pro-life movie Bella — on which Jones worked as a co-executive producer — into prisons. There, it’s softening hearts and changing lives. Register correspondent Steve Weatherbe got the story for us; it begins on page one of this issue.

Jones, by his voluntary enterprise and his bold confidence in the power of the Gospel, is engaging the culture in ways that the Register is proud to highlight.

Contemporary culture is undeniably hostile to the Catholic faith. It can be intimidating and even overwhelming. But there’s something about our faith that inspires a creativity and an ingenuity that are more powerful.

Not many of us will ever get the chance to work in the movie business, but all of us can find ways to bring Christ into the world and the world to Christ. Which is to say that all of us can do like Jason Jones does.