Pro-Lifers in Mexico Demand Government Put an End to Killings of Pregnant Women

Steps for Life lamented that in recent days at least three women have been murdered in Mexico — and at least two babies with them.

A pregnant mother prepares her baby's nursery.
A pregnant mother prepares her baby's nursery. (photo: Unsplash)

The organization Pasos por la Vida (Steps for Life) demanded that the federal government, headed by Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as state governments put an end to “the murders of pregnant women” throughout the country.

Pilar Rebollo, spokeswoman for the pro-life organization, stressed that “at this time, the widespread demand of Mexican society is the prevention of any form of violence against women, and for those who are pregnant, protection must be extended to their children in the womb.”

“Therefore we are demanding that each of the state governments and the federal government put an end once and for all to the murders of pregnant women, since this crime that seriously harms society cannot be inevitable and must be prevented,” Rebollo stressed.

Steps for Life lamented that in recent days at least three women have been murdered in Mexico — and at least two babies with them.

“Rosa, Aurora, and Ana, we will demand justice for you, but we will also vindicate the sacredness of life until it is untouchable, unquestionable, and welcomed by all Mexicans again,” Steps for Life said.

The organization also lamented that in the study carried out by UN Women on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, “it stands out that practically 1 in 2 women knows of or has suffered some form of violence, from [the] start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System announced that between 2015 and 2020, the crime of femicide grew 137%, that is, “four times more than the rest of the homicides.”

Mexico Must Defend the Lives of Women

Rebollo also said that “it’s time for Mexico to determine a clear and firm course in defense of life, pregnant women, and their children.”

This must be done, she explained, “guaranteeing their safety with effective and immediate protocols, but a blow must be also struck by the authorities to put an end to the crimes associated with these murders, such as human trafficking [and] organ trafficking, among others.”

In addition, Rebollo stressed that “pregnant women must have social security, sources of employment, accessible and safe day care centers, [and] access to education, among other things, so she can provide her family with decent living conditions.”

Finally, the spokeswoman for Steps for Life encouraged governments to commit to women and “develop public policies in favor of pregnant women that provide real solutions to mothers of families for adequate development, but, above all, to ensure their safety and that of their children.”

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