Would You Abort a Gay Baby?

When former Senator Rick Santorum was campaigning in New Hampshire earlier this week, a disgusting thing occurred on the campus of a local Catholic college.

But it’s one that I think is highlights the disconnect between those who advance a culture of life and those who preach so-called tolerance.

As Santorum was leaving the podium following a Rivier College event the day before the New Hampshire primary one anonymous questioner barked one of the most disgusting questions I’ve ever heard asked of a presidential candidate.

Someone asked Santorum: “Would you abort a gay baby?” Here’s the shocking video:

Santorum, as you can see, simply rolled his eyes and continued on his way. But you can hear the gasp from a number of people there. That’s a proper reaction. This question is especially offensive given recent history in that the Santorum’s grief over their dead child has become a focal point of the left who obviously see it as a disqualifier for public office. Both liberal pundit Alan Colmes and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Eugene Robinson attacked the Santorum’s on how they handled the death of their child.

But even the premise of the question should disturb anyone. Life isn’t just life for many people. For too many, life needs to be adorned with descriptors to judge whether a life is worth living. For too many, the value of a human life is subject to a cost benefit analysis.

There’s nothing a child could do or be or suffer from to make me want to kill them. Could that questioner say the same thing? I wonder if that questioner were asked whether they’d kill a gay down syndrome baby. Hmmm…decisions decisions. Gay? Good. Down Syndrome? Bad. Hmmm…

For pro-lifers like Santorum, adjectives don’t define the value of a human life. No matter how many classifications and sub-classifications you ascribe to a human being, they are a human being.

This nasty incident follows on the heels of a debate where Santorum was asked on national television how he’d react if one of his sons told him he was gay.

“I’d love him as much as I did the second before he said it,” was Santorum’s response.

I guess some just don’t understand that kind of love.

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