Vatican Secretary of State Congratulates President-Elect Trump

Cardinal Pietro Parolin assured Donald Trump of his prayers, that the Lord may "enlighten and support him in the service of his country."

Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.
Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. (photo: Edward Pentin/

The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has congratulated Donald Trump on being elected the 45th President of the United States, saying he hoped God would enlighten and support him in his Presidency.

Talking to journalists on the sidelines of a conference at Rome’s Lateran University this morning, the cardinal also said he respected the will of the American people, as expressed in this exercise of democracy. Here below is my translation of the full text of the short exchange, reported by Vatican Radio Italian:  

Cardinal Parolin: First of all, we take note, with respect for the will expressed by the American people, this exercise in democracy. They tell me it was also characterized by a large turnout. And then we give our best wishes to the new President, that his government can be truly fruitful and we also assure our prayers that the Lord may of course enlighten and support him in the service of his country, but also that he work for well-being and peace in the world. I believe that today we all need to work to change the world situation, that is a situation of grave wounds, of severe conflict.

Reporter: It was noted that the Pope commented [in February, on return from Mexico]: "He who builds walls is not a Christian ..." Then there was a clarification. [The Pope made a similar comment over the weekend]. However, let’s say it was on the issue of immigration ...

Cardinal Parolin: We'll see how the President goes forward. Usually they say: it is one thing to be a candidate, another to be President, to have a responsibility. It seems to me that in this sense, also from what I've heard, although I have not gone into it too much, the future President has already expressed himself in terms of a leader ... Then on the specific issues, we will see what choices will be made and according to those we will be able to judge. It seems premature to make judgments.

Reporter: On your keynote speech today that inaugurated this important academic year...

Cardinal Parolin: Yes, I will deal with papal diplomacy in the new global context, particularly in reference to what I said before, the need to find new formulas. Probably diplomacy today, papal diplomacy, also internally, is called to find new formulas to respond to the new problems facing the international community.