Thank You and Goodbye, Friends!

My post last week (Why the World doesn't take Catholicism Seriously) captured what's been stewing and bubbling up inside of me over the past few years. And partially explains why I've decided to move on from my writing here at the National Catholic Register. This is officially one last post to say thank you.

When I first started writing for the Register over 3 years ago, I was intimidated to be writing next to so many of my heroes. I still am. It was a great privilege to be given such a platform to express my opinions. It still is.

I'm flattered you took the time to read what I wrote over the years, much less to comment — whether you agreed or disagreed (and even if you broke one of the 14 Do's and Dont's of blog commenting). I thank you all for that. I surely learned more from you than you learned from me. I mean that.

And I'm sorry some of you were scandalized when I wrote about the announcement of a Third Vatican Council (on April Fool's Day). You gotta admit that was pretty good though. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry about this other post. It still makes me laugh.

I pray we can remember to laugh at ourselves. To be careless enough. To be authentic.

Also, I still hope we'll rethink how we communicate and that we learn to fully employ the new media as a Church. I will still be working my full time job at Flocknote, trying to help us communicate better as a Church and a planet. (If any of you have a parish, ministry, team, league, organization or any group — we'd love to help!)

Good communication is essential to our human mission. It's a prerequisite for communion (our goal). If we can communicate better, we can tell our story more effectively. The world needs to hear God's story…and yours.

The Church is still out of control. We are still losing young families. We still need to think differently about noisy children at Mass. We still need to recommit ourselves to excellence and to understand investment. We need to reclaim our identity as a missionary Church.

There is much work to be done, but we must do it with hope, joy and a radical mercy. Otherwise, we work in vain.

Even in the trials and tribulations we must see opportunity. Every attack on the Church and the family is an opportunity. An opportunity to be Christ to the world and to tell the Truth of His-story.

Thank you all for sharing yourselves and your inspiring faith with me over the past few years. You can continue to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or over at my new project: The Radical Life (please check it out).

Finally, thank you for reading the National Catholic Register. The folks here are some of the most dedicated and faith-filled that I know, doing some very challenging work for the Kingdom. Support them in any way that you can.

God be with you (i.e. Goodbye), my friends! See ya 'round.