Sorry HuffPo, The Pro-Life Movement is Not “Devious”

The pro-life movement is the most transparent political movement in the history of the country.

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

A Huffington Post piece typically has all the intellectual depth of an Arby’s menu but a recent one targeting pro-lifers spelunks into depths of insanity as of yet unrecorded by archaeologists, historians, and maybe even actors. I will not link directly to the piece as it has been known to have similar side effects as drinking asbestos flavored Kool-Aid. And I also don't want to encourage them to continue their brand of hit and run clickbait journalism but LifeNews ran a piece on it so you can check that out.

The HuffPo piece titled, “4 Devious Ways States Chipped Away at Abortion Rights in 2018” is the kind of idiocy that makes your brain go blue screen and reboot so that you'll no longer recognize loved ones or know hope.

So my first thought in reading it was OK. I get it. They don't like us. But it's not actually because we're devious. You want to know why they don't like us? I would argue that the pro-life movement has been the most transparent political movement in the history of our nation. We are more transparent and obvious than a joke on The Big Bang Theory. And honesty is a rare commodity in politics.

I'll sum up our thinking: We think all life is sacred. We don't like people killing babies in the womb or out of the womb for that matter. We talk so much about the sacredness of life that the pope himself told us that we talk about abortion too much!!! That's how much!

And there's this little secret protest we hold on a yearly basis called the March for Life in which a few hundred thousand of us march right down the middle of our nation's capitol praying for an end to legal abortion, singing about the need for an end to legal abortion, and imploring legislators to end legal abortion. Now, I get it, you may have missed this because the mainstream media often ignores this yearly event but we're pretty darn open about it. We ride in busses and sometimes even make signs.

Even when pro-lifers talk about legislatively chipping away at legal abortion, they actually talk about legislatively chipping away at legal abortion. There are no code words. Pro-Life groups are pretty clear about where they stand. The Susan B. Anthony List describes themselves prominently on their website this way:

"A nationwide network of more than 700,000 Americans. We combine politics with policy, investing heavily in voter education to ensure that pro-life Americans know where their lawmakers stand on protecting the unborn, and in issue advocacy, advancing pro-life laws through direct lobbying and grassroots campaigns."

Hmmm. Not a lot of wiggle room in there, huh? Not very devious, eh? The Students for Life of America are like totally super devious in their mission statement. Check this out:

We will abolish abortion. We exist to transform culture by helping young people make abortion unthinkable and obsolete on their campus, in their community, and in our nation.

Hmmm. Where does that mission statement rank on the deviousometer? None detected.

You ever read the mission statement of Planned Parenthood? Guess what word it doesn't include: ABORTION. That's off the charts deviousness right there. And then you get the lies on top of it that abortion is only three percent of what they do. I always love that one. Any serial killer could make the same argument. “Actually, your honor, disposing of the bodies takes up 97 percent of my time!”

You know what is actually devious? It's devious that most of the discussions in the media about abortion include the terms “rape and incest” as if those were the most common reasons for pregnancy. It's devious that anyone who wants to protect the unborn is labeled a woman-hater but those who defend the right to kill girls in the womb precisely for the crime of being a girl is a feminist ally or whatever the label of the month is. You know what's devious, it's when people hide behind words like “choice” and “safe, legal, and rare” instead of talking about aborting children. You know what's devious? It's scolding pro-lifers who show pictures of dismembered fetuses and then also scolding them for showing ultrasound photos of beautiful unborn babies. Who's being devious here?

So to be clear, Planned Parenthood doesn't have the word “abortion” on their mission statement but they want to force crisis pregnancy centers to post a sign referring for abortion. That’s the kind of logic that makes your IQ points whimper like a child at sleepaway camp for the first night.

Here's the deal. Pro-aborts know they're losing. It's like Clubber Lang in the second fight of Rocky 3. They can't figure out why they're losing. So they just figure they’ll throw haymakers. Pro-lifers are winning the hearts and minds of people precisely because they're speaking plainly and openly about how every life is sacred and how we should love and support mothers while pro-aborts make up chants about rosaries and ovaries. And everybody knows you can’t have three syllable words in a chant. That's Chanting 101.

Instead of an actual debate or perhaps even reconsidering their own positions they simply accuse pro-lifers of jedi mind tricks but then they realize they don't want to make you seem smart so they say pro-lifers are just soooooo dumb that even the ridiculous grammar school level deviousness is effective on these bible clinging rubes and this is why the elites pay extra to fly non-stop to the coast.

You can argue that pro-lifers are “extreme” or “radical” but going to the extremes to radically promote love instead of death seems like a good use of time. But you can't argue that the pro-life movement has been devious. The examples they use are that Iowa passed a bill saying that once you detect a heartbeat you can't abort a child. You see, the HuffPo argues that limits the amount of time a woman can procure an abortion. I'm willing to bet there was not one person in all of Iowa who was unclear about what the law entailed. I'm willing to bet that every single person understood that the “Fetal Heartbeat” bill would limit abortion after the baby's heartbeat could be detected. The deviousmeter says? None detected.

The HuffPo also accused pro-lifers of painting abortion as “cruel and barbaric.” Right. Isn't that the entire point?

I’m not calling for the judgment of an angry God on the HuffPo but an editor would be nice. I’m no psychologist but I think this accusation of deviousness is called “projection.” Because here’s the thing: telling the truth is the most devious thing they've never tried.