Reclaim Halloween for Fun

Now that we’ve turned the calendar page to October, it’s time for families to start planning seasonal celebrations—and approaching them with caution.

This happens to be the time of year for many people’s favorite excuse to dress up in immodest clothing: Halloween.

Marcel leJeune is taking this annual problem head on at his blog with his post What Happened to Halloween?

He offers some good tips for those seeking to celebrate the Halloween in a family-friendly way, without sex or gore:

—Wear an appropriate costume if you dress up. Nothing “sexy” and nothing having to do with the occult. Make it fun or creative.
—Learn the truth behind Halloween and share it with others.
—Don’t forget to celebrate All Souls and All Saints.
—Be moderate at any celebration you attend.
—If you have kids, teach them about the Catholic roots of the days surrounding Halloween, dress them appropriately as well, keep them safe, and don’t expose them to the occult practices that surround Halloween.
—Avoid the grotesque, terror, and horror of Halloween.
—Pray for the souls in Purgatory and with the Saints in Heaven.
—Don’t let kids trick-or-treat without adults, late, or in unknown/dangerous places.
—Don’t watch horror movies or dabble in “games” that have occult origins, such as Tarot cards or the Ouija board.

Read the whole thing.

All good advice, but I would also add: Don’t sweat it. Whether you are celebrating Halloween, All Saints Day, or some combination of the two, remember that it’s supposed to be fun for you and for the kids.

For costume tips and ideas, check out Faith & Family Live! where experienced Catholic moms and dads weigh in on all the hot topics—like how to throw together a Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha costume in minutes.

Happy Halloweening!